Music Review: ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ By Stormi Maya

Stormi Maya is soon going to dominate music and movies She is fresh out of the modeling industry, but has also been acting and modeling for years. Her recent roles are, Netflix’s Yennifer Clementine and Hulu’s Cardi B, where she plays both a nurse and a hooker. Before that, she had roles in the award winning 2021 film The Game. Then there’s her role as Tanya Thompson in FX’s American Pie, as well as The Beach. She’s also just off the casting for the role of Bridget Moynahan in The Social Network.

The buzz around her first solo album is good, with a lot of positive reviews from listeners. “The Boy” is her debut album and it comes out on Nov 4th. She will be appearing on the cover of the album along with former collaborations like Sky and Ashley Tisdale. If you like the singles from The Social Network, expect this one to be a hit and have the same level of popularity. She tells Complex, “The album is about feeling of oneness. It’s a spiritual thing.”

What makes Stormi Maya’s music unique is her seamless blend of R&B and hip hop. The lines on her songs flow in a smooth fashion, creating a pleasing listening experience for everyone. She tells Complex, “Hip hop is very much a part of my music. I don’t listen to other hip hop but when I’m making a record, I feel like I should give it my all.”

The new album follows up on her last “Take Me Away” album, which was a huge hit. While it wasn’t as well received as the first outing, the second album is sure to be a winner. According to Stormi Maya, this next release is even better than the first. She continues, “The album is packed with me being in my own head. I wrote the songs while I’m thinking about my own problems.”

In the past, Stormi Maya has experimented with sampling from a variety of different sources. Her musical tastes go far beyond the “big band” sounds of the 90’s. Now that she’s finally able to get the music studio production to match her artistic vision, the results are astounding. It’s clear that with the help of producers like Jazzy J and Boz Scaggs, she’ll be able to create some of the best music of her career.

Her manager, Jay Bennett, sees the bright future of this talented artist. He tells Complex, “People love what she’s done. People have always loved her music. Hopefully we can continue to help her make records and show what she’s capable of doing.” With the single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” it looks like Stormi Maya is well on her way to not only a successful career but a meaningful one as well.