What’s So Special About Soft Worldwide?

SUSANJEWEL, pronounced ‘sigh-ee-wel’, is a four piece bedroom suite that consists of a single bed, single dresser, and one end table. It is named after the company that manufactures it, Livejasmin. The basic set up comes with a matching dresser, side table, nightstand, and mirror. It also comes with matching soft furnishings, like a futon or a pillow. SUSANJEWEL comes in three colors (charcoal, gray and black) and in a wide variety of sizes. It also has unique features like hidden compartments under the cushions and the drawers that are made of a special type of leather.

Most manufacturers use a low quality plastic in making this product. This means that it will probably fall apart soon after you get it. Livejasmin takes pride in the quality of their furniture. They have an excellent guarantee, which covers both the furniture delivery. This is not your run-of-the-mill furniture company that will just outsource to another country. Their prices are very reasonable, and they have over a hundred designs for you to choose from.

The beds are very comfortable due to their excellent design. They are also available in different sizes, so you can pick the one that best fits your room. It is very sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart easily. You can also get this type of bed with a traditional mattress, a metal frame or even a wooden box spring.

The nightstand is very good quality. They are very elegant and also have a modern look. It has a hidden compartment for storage, and this is where you can store all your linens and pillows when you aren’t using them. The drawers are large and the interior of them is very well constructed. It also has two-way mirrors, and a full-length mirror on the side.

The comforter on the bed is made of Egyptian cotton, and it is highly durable. The sheet sets come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, and have beautiful ruffles. There are even cartoon designs.

The pillow shams are another quality product by Sandra Jewel. These are slip on insoles that go on the outside of your feet, under your bed, and have a built-in support system. It has an anti-slip bottom and is lightweight so you can move it around the bed easily. It comes with an additional pillow and a headboard.